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Dick Hannula

"Bob Steele has done it again.  More than 500 coaches contributing ideas makes this book the most complete spectrum of coach contributors ever assembled in one book - the beginning coach to the elite.  The ideas are innovative and useful.  Every coach will get a fresh perspective from the use of this book."
Dick Hannula-Tacoma Swim Club and Wilson H.S. – WA

Roger von Jouanne

"There may be no one better suited in our sport to assemble this sort of book than Bob Steele.  Reading through these pages is like swimming for Bob.  You're off the beaten path, and the journey's NOT going to be boring!"
Roger von Jouanne–NASA Engineer /Coach/Former Record Holder-Madison S.C.-AL

Bob Groseth

“If Bob had merely chronicled his own ideas on workout design, innovative sets and games to make the practice of competitive swimming enjoyable, this book would be well worth it.  But the fact that he has borrowed ideas from some of the World’s most successful and creative coaches makes Games-Gimmicks-Challenges for Swimming Coaches a must read and a book that you will refer to again and again. If you want your swimmers to leave a hard and productive practice with a smile on their face – you must buy this book.  Its ideas will have you and your swimmers coming back for more.”
Bob Groseth - Northwestern University - IL

Tony Byrne

“Having experienced Bob’s training games as a collegiate swimmer and as a coach, it’s great to use this collection from his 50 years of coaching coupled with creative ideas from some of the world’s finest coaches.  Nowhere else can you find a one-stop resource for swimmers of every ability.  Since 1978 I’ve seen Bob do his stuff and it’s neat to see my swimmers have enthusiasm on deck and in the pool.
Tony Byrne – TRY YMCA – New Bern, NC.

Tim Hill

Coaching with Bob Steele was fun and educational.  His approach was creative, yet challenging.  This book will inspire you with fun, useful practice.  Go challenge the moment”.
Tim Hill -Palm Springs, CA

Denny Pursley

"Bob Steele, the master of creativity himself, has surpassed all of his previous efforts with this newest edition of games and gimmicks for coaches. This book is a must read for any coach searching for ways to make hard work interesting and fun."
Denny Pursley – Head Coach - Great Britain Swimming

Andy Pedersen

“Coach Steele has done camps with all levels of our team (Age Group to National Team squads) and he never disappoints.  The athletes love his games and gimmicks and so will yours. He taught our staff better ways to keep things fresh and energize the atmosphere on the pool deck. It is amazing how well our athletes perform in workout when we utilize his techniques.  It has revolutionized the way that we train! Coach Steele's latest book will be given to each staff member and we will utilize it to kick-off monthly staff meetings.
Andy Pedersen – Southeastern S.C. - IN

Dean Hawks

“The drills, games and gimmicks that Bob put together are an excellent way to give swimmers fun, challenging and developmentally appropriate skills, drills and games for an entire season. Whenever I give a set using Bob's book, the swimmers know it will be tough and the most fun of the practice”
Dean Hawks – Kelly Walsh H.S. – WY

Jimmy Ellis

“Here is a book that brings about the marriage of science, human nature, psychology, and creativity.  It puts the art form back into coaching.  It’s a fine blend of the old and the new.”
Jimmy Ellis – Coach/Actor - Philadelphia P/R – PA

Bill Thompson

“This is a book for every young coach because it puts art back into coaching.  It is a humanistic approach to our sport where adults and kids focus on a common goal of being the best they can be and working together in a wholesome, FUN atmosphere to achieve it.  This is about a win: win FUN situation.”
Bill Thompson – DeAnza-Cupertino S.C - CA.

Steve Friederang

“This is the second book by Bob Steele, coach of NCAA II Championship teams and presently serving a USA Swimming Master Coach. Just reading it is fun!  It’s one of the books that are fully practical.  Read it and instantly apply activities to your next practice, to your planning, to your problem solving and team growth.  Get ready to be pumped, inspired, and feel empowered to help your swimmers attain your level of expectation in a wholesome, creative way.  If two heads are better than one, imagine the creative wisdom of 500 heads.”
Steve Friederang – steve@tropicalpenguin.com for skill building gear.


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