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Six Second Breakouts – Start kids from every block at some point in every practice and then blow a whistle at SIX seconds.  Swimmers stop on the whistle and see how far they got.  Since world class swimmers get to 15 meters in 7 seconds from a start and under 10 for a push-off they need to work toward the goal of 15 meters in 7 seconds.   Swimmers should try different fly kick combinations; big/fast, small/fast, on side/fast, and start big/fast and finish small/fast. The other thing to determine is the number of kicks that are optimal and then use that number of kicks during every practice training set.  Ed. Note; Through her career Misty Hyman used eleven and switched to 8 at the Olympic Games to have more air/energy for the last fifty.                                                            Kevin Kinel

Peer Stroke Check – Swimmers are buddied-up and become responsible for improving each other’s strokes.  Three swimmers are working together with two swimmers (#1 and #2) on one end of the pool and one swimmer (#3) on the other end.   There are three swims A, B, and C.
A – Swimmer #1 swims to #3 and #3 views stroke from above and below and comments.
B – Swimmer #3 swims to #2 and #2 views stroke from above and below and comments.
C – Swimmer #2 swims to #1 and #1 views stroke from above and below and comments.
Each set of two swimmers is responsible for the improvement of the others.  Stress that the team is only as strong as its slowest swimmer because if the slowest gets faster they push swimmers that may be ahead of them, making the team BETTER.                                                                                                                             George French 

Santa Sack Relay -Age Group swimmers place all their equipment (toys) onto the deck on the turning end of the pool.  The pile includes; kickboard(s) pull buoys, fins, goggles, paddles, etc…  One person is designated by the coach as Santa and the remaining swimmers are Elves. One at a time, in relay fashion, each swimmer sprints to the other end of the pool and returns to the starting end and places the “toy” in a mesh bag (Santa’s sack).  Once the sack is filled all the Elves pull Santa the length of the pool.  First team done gets candy canes.
                                                                                                                                                        Dave Hedden

Backwards practice (everything is in reverse names and order)
                        Say, “Goodbye” as they come on the deck.
6:00     nDW   nwodmraW     RF 002
                       noegiP - snoitabeleC
                       teskciK 2 @ MI  001 X 4
6:25                tes niaM miws  2 @ MI 001 X 8
6:40                tes-erP hctiws  1 @ 05 X 61
6:46                pumraW eciohC  004  eerF llA
6:50                kcik 003
6:55    pUW   llirD  003
7:00               Say, “Hello! – How was school?” and send them home!!!!!!!!!                          Jennie Shamburger

Descending Distance Fast Feet Pace Set- The coach gives his time to the distance group through this whole set by yelling out the 25 yard pace at every stop and the 100 time on every 100 as the set progresses.  Obviously, it must fit your personnel and their ability; however, this is a great set to get a swimmer ready to race distance events,  especially if they don’t like distance training.  Start with distances they can handle holding desired race pace for whatever the distance and gradually move ‘em up! They MUST get faster as the set goes!
                                              ALL 25’s are done to a FAST foot-touch.

       Warm-Up of about 1000 and  Pull 800 (2,4,6,8/50)  using paddles and a tube only between sets of 25’s
       66 x 25 @ 20 sec S.O.            (Give every 25 and 100 for the leaders.)   Hold 53’s                  on 1650
       40 x 25 @ 20 sec S.O.            (same)                                                      Hold 52’s                  on 1000
       20 x 25 @ 20 sec S.O.            (same)                                                      Hold 51.s                  on 500
       8 x 25   @  20 sec S.O,           (same)                                                      Hold 49’s                  on 200
       4 x 25   @ 20 sec S.O.            (same)                                                      Swim 47                    on  100
                                                                                                                                                            Bob Steele



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