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“It’s like being with my colleagues all year ‘round!  I just used two relays that I never heard of for our practice before Christmas Training.  We’ve done the Steelers Kick Set and I’ve never seen our team ever kick so hard in my life.  The book has found a permanent spot on my desk, just in case?
Terry Stoddard – Swim Pasadena,  CA

“There's nothing like it, every page hits swimming from a different angle. You can't find a better all-in-one resource for swim coaches."
Kevin Blum – Porter Valley Aquatics, CA

“Got five books at Jrs for staff X-mas gifts and the ideas have energized our staff and swimmers."
Kerry Ellett – Curl-Burke S.C.-MD

"This is the greatest collection of workout challenges ever put together.  The pages in this book will challenge, stimulate, educate, and entertain your team for years to come.  Both Bob and his new book are a gift to the sport of swimming.  We ordered fifteen for our coaches!"
Don Heidary, Head Coach, Orinda Aquatics, CA

"Coach Steele did a clinic with our team and I got his new book, Wow!  The book has become part of my weekly planning, it has so much information on preparing swimmers to swim fast and creating a fun, learning- environment in practice!  I would strongly recommend his new book to all level of coaches.  You won't want to put it down!"
Mike Stromberg – Falfins Swim Team, CO

“Got my book today and it’s a treasure of information.  I took three sets to the UPS Men’s Team practice right away.”
Dick Hannula – University of Puget Sound, WA

“Gave books to two assistants and they’re going wild. Now everyone wants one.”
John Dussliere – Santa Barbara-CA

“Gave 20 books to the staff for X-mas and they loved it.”
Andy Pedersen – Southeastern S.C. – IN

“I got this book from Andy for X-mas.  The proven drills and games are something I’ve been looking for.  It’s a desk reference for swim coaches in need of new or different ideas to get kids (and Coaches) to understand things in a different way and approach swimming looking through different eyes.   I have already started to use some of the drills, games at practice and the kids really like them, not to mention they are having FUN !!.”
Jeff Mercer – Southeastern S.C. – IN

“This is awesome.  It should be in every coach’s arsenal and library, especially for those days when you’re drawing a blank for what to do.”
Tom Topolski – Grand Rapids S.C. – MI

“Love Da Book! We used the "Ultimate King of the Mountain" this morning.  It brought some groans, but by the middle, swimmers were really getting after it.“
Doug Colin – Dubuque Area Swimming Hurricanes - Loras College – IO


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