Coaching Resources


Accutraining - Relating Training To Goals
Are You A Winning Parent?
Basketball Placards
Doopons - Coupons
Givers and Takers - Givers and Takers
Goal Setting - Quadrennial Plan
Goal Setting - SC to LC
Swim School Ideas
Home School Aquatics
For Your Staff Christmas Party
Motivating On Test Sets
QuickStart System Instructions Supplies Photo Close-Up
RA American Record
RA Beep Visual - 4 Strokes
RA Camp Circuit Directions
RA CAMP Station Timing Direction for Circuit
RA Coach Form - Turning Times
RA Coach Form - Tempo-Stroke Rate
RA Coach Form - Relay Exchanges
RA Coach Form - Streamlining-Kickouts
RA Form - H.S. vs Olympian
RA Olympic Worksheet
RA on Your Phone - Instructions
RA Split Sheet
RA Station Timing Direction for Circuit
RA Swimmer - Partners Evaluation
Techie Equipment
Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving
Urbanchek's Test Sets

Aussie Analysis - Kids Form
Aussie Analysis - Recording Sheet
Characteristics of Success
Daily Training Log for Team
Dryland Training Ideas - Protocols
Games N Gimmicks - Handout
Gear-Head Stroke Stations
Goal Setting Self Evaluation Form
Halloween Fun - Ideas List
How Fast do you Want to Swim Form
Pace Clock Rules
Race Ready - Instructions
Readiness Factors List
Relating Training to Goals - Form
Rock Band or Race Horse - Lists
Science Based Set Writing Simplified - Form
Staff Evaluation - Form
Stroke Development Methods - Terms
Teaching Starts en Mass - Routine
Team Progressions - Form
Team Progressions - Sample
Teambuilding Ideas
Visualization Skills Test - 7 Drills
What AG Coaches Do and Could...
What Coaches of WR HS Kids Do and Could
What Every Age Group Swimmer Should Learn - Handout
What is A Captain?
WSC Camp Planning Outline
Breathing Patterns - Men
Breathing Patterns - Women
Coach Meeting Checklist
Getting a Stroke Under the Body or Keeping the Elbows Up - Handout

Starts-Exchanges-Streamline Contests
Starts - Exchanges - Streamlining - Contest 2
Streamlining Points Scoring Chart
Stroke Patterns - 2012
Visualization Drills for Success
Be The Best - Speech Outline

Race Ready

Favorite Challenges
Favorite Games n' Gimmicks
Favorite Drills n' Gear
Teamanship-Values Survey

How Fast Do You Want To Swim?   Form   Sample

Mental Toughness - Study and Ideas for Coaches

How To Figure Averages
Pace Clock Quiz


Threshold Paces - by Jon Urbanchek (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)
Threshold Directions - by Jon Urbanchek (Word Document)




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